Definition of nonpublic in US English:



  • 1Not open or available to the public.

    ‘the museum's nonpublic spaces’
    • ‘If you dig around for nonpublic information, it doesn't do you much good unless you act on it.’
    • ‘With the benefit of hindsight, did he take an unnecessary risk by going off to a nonpublic location with a couple of shady characters?’
    • ‘The challenge has yet to be decided, leaving open the possibility that the university-funded paper could be considered a nonpublic forum and thus subject to censorship.’
    • ‘As a general rule, for instance, men and women in Iranian films cannot be depicted together in a nonpublic indoor space unless they are married or related by blood.’
    • ‘She found a school newspaper a pedagogical instrument and so a nonpublic forum, allowing the school administration to censor content within the paper.’
    • ‘Certainly the editors routinely make viewpoint-based decisions about what gets published and what doesn't, something state actors generally can't do even in a nonpublic forum.’
    • ‘In preparation for these sessions, I viewed all the paintings in the museum's holdings, including many in nonpublic spaces - back stairwells, offices, and off-site storage.’
    • ‘If one person trades with nonpublic information, he or she gains an advantage that is impossible for the rest of the public.’
    • ‘That new rule also requires an issuer that unintentionally discloses material nonpublic information to make public disclosure of the same information within 24 hours.’
    • ‘The government says insider trading occurs when someone buys or sells stock based on material, nonpublic information received from an insider.’
    • ‘But I suspect it would apply even in nonpublic fora, such as courthouses.’
    • ‘Employees who routinely handle nonpublic information are aware of the policies surrounding confidential information.’
    • ‘They also provides a nonpublic version of their compiler under a support contract.’
    • ‘We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your nonpublic personal information.’
    • ‘We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that meet or exceed industry standards to guard your nonpublic personal information.’
    • ‘You should state if you are legally prohibited from disclosing nonpublic personal financial information.’
    • ‘Using nonpublic information for making a trade violates transparency, which is the basis of a capital market.’
    • ‘Disclosure of material nonpublic information on a publicly traded company's blog could be deemed a prohibited selective disclosure under federal securities laws.’
    • ‘Anticipating the cuts, she is scaling back renovations in nonpublic areas and is considering other ways to cut costs.’
    • ‘As I mentioned, it looks like a stadium is probably a nonpublic forum.’
  • 2Not publicly owned or controlled; private.

    ‘nonpublic schools’
    • ‘Because responsibilities for the nonpublic health sector have not been specified previously, this information also should be useful to policy makers and advocates for strengthened TB control.’
    • ‘Quality assurance requirements need to be tightened, including stronger requirements for nonpublic institutions.’
    • ‘My sample consists of 3527 individuals who worked full-time for pay in the nonagricultural, nonpublic sector in the year prior to the 1990 wave.’
    • ‘Added to this number are about 200,000 freshmen—a 7 percent increase over last year—of which 24,500, or 12 percent, will attend nonpublic institutions.’
    • ‘Asking whether and how the university is a public realm is not an obvious question, because academic institutions have both public and nonpublic aspects.’
    • ‘Given the dismal state of nonpublic higher education, the government should establish a special task force that would consider relevant experience of other countries.’
    • ‘Clearly, there is a pressing need to require nonpublic institutions of higher education to be subject to routine auditing and to submit transparent annual financial reports.’
    • ‘For those parents choosing nonpublic schools, the government would pay all or part of the tuition.’
    • ‘In addition, there should be healthy competition between public and nonpublic higher education institutions for government grants.’
    • ‘To survive, they say, universities will have to rely more, not less, heavily on nonpublic revenue sources.’
    • ‘These deficiencies indicate a broad need for training and education throughout the TB-control system, among both public health and nonpublic health participants.’
    • ‘There are two different types of nonpublic educational institutions in Vietnam.’
    • ‘As a result, they promoted collaboration across public agencies and nonpublic institutions.’
    • ‘The way to give children a small school experience is to give their parents options, including nonpublic schools.’
    • ‘Administrators at a number of nonpublic universities and colleges have abused their power, taking financial advantage of both students and their parents.’
    • ‘Moreover, they ought to do it so convincingly as to make the nonpublic sector of the national economy see its benefit.’
    • ‘The lack of a regulative framework and an accreditation system has adversely affected public confidence in the nonpublic sector.’
    • ‘Nonpublic institutions have proven to be an effective alternative means of increasing access to higher education.’
    • ‘Although data are not readily available, it is believed that this preventive intervention has been used only modestly in the nonpublic health sector.’
    • ‘However, recent studies have also described the establishment of such programs in nonpublic health venues.’
  • 3Not taking place in public.

    ‘nonpublic behavior’
    • ‘It allows one to speak informally with band members and their assistants, and to observe their nonpublic behavior.’
    • ‘Even nonpublic reversals have been cause for recrimination.’