Definition of nonprescription in US English:



  • (of a medicine) available for sale without a prescription.

    • ‘Even some non-prescription drugs and vitamins or even ibuprofen can cause traumas if your liver function is at all compromised.’
    • ‘Pharmacists have also failed adequately to explain the high cost of non-prescription medicines here, said Foley.’
    • ‘Now those individuals buying non-prescription medicine have to pay out-of-pocket.’
    • ‘When heartburn sufferers want relief, they reach for prescription and non-prescription drug relief.’
    • ‘Confederates of the researchers went to the pharmacies and made test purchases of non-prescription products without disclosing their identity.’
    • ‘The name and the dose of each medication were transcribed by the study technicians and were matched with a computerized database of prescription and non-prescription medications.’
    • ‘Tell your doctor and pharmacist about all prescription and non-prescription medications as well as the herbal or alternative medicines you take.’
    • ‘If the product is a non-prescription analgesic, does the patient already have a supply at home?’
    • ‘If you are taking any non-prescription medicines, including herbal remedies, be prepared to let the doctor know what they are.’
    • ‘She used a non-prescription hydrocortisone ointment and the spots faded for a few days, but they returned with vengeance, sweeping across her chin to the other side of her face and up to her forehead.’
    • ‘Investigation by the society revealed a history of abuse of alcohol as well as prescription and non-prescription drugs by the respondent mother.’
    • ‘There are numerous prescription and non-prescription allergy medications available, including antihistamines such as Reactine and inhaled steroids such as Flonase.’
    • ‘As a result, asthma is not controlled by these non-prescription cold medicines, and may even become worse with their use.’
    • ‘Other medications such as antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, and prescription or non-prescription pain medications may also be helpful.’
    • ‘One should be careful about using non-prescription, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and itch-suppressing creams or lotions.’
    • ‘Both prescription and non-prescription medicines have an expiration date noted somewhere on the label.’
    • ‘Some prescription and non-prescription drugs contribute to or actually cause depression!’
    • ‘Does he take any prescription or non-prescription drugs?’
    • ‘Delivering to 13,000 retail customers in six countries, the company is also expanding into toiletries and non-prescription medicines in supermarkets and other outlets.’
    • ‘Talk with your care provider about the medications, both prescription and non-prescription, you take.’