Definition of nonphysical in US English:



  • 1Not relating to or concerning the body.

    ‘both physical and nonphysical ill-treatment’
    • ‘Women could not gauge other, non-physical factors, such as the person's charisma, from the picture.’
    • ‘NHS SMS said people using verbal abuse or threatening behaviour - non-physical assault - would be dealt with under a system of sanctions.’
    • ‘Mental illnesses may be cured in the future if we look at non-physical causes of these illnesses, and help people understand what they're going through.’
    • ‘This part consists of six sections, reflecting and emphasising the breadth of available non-physical interventions.’
    • ‘However, what is so unique about this method is that it includes intuition, and every massage is given differently because the practitioner is intuitively sensing their client's physical and non-physical clues.’
    • ‘The Bill permits parents to smack their children, although this should not be taken to mean that I endorse physical punishment over other non-physical methods of control.’
    • ‘Staff are also now trained in non-physical techniques to diffuse a confrontational situation as well as in physical self-defence.’
    • ‘The relationship, obviously, is entirely non-physical.’
    • ‘As for bullying, I was sometimes the victim of non-physical intimidation.’
    • ‘A more appropriate solution to deal with allegations of non-physical abuse would be through counselling, leaving the police and courts free to provide adequate sanctions to protect those really in need.’
    • ‘Instead, compliment them on other things, perhaps on their non-physical qualities.’
    • ‘Some Scottish patients thought that such non-physical needs went unmet.’
    • ‘The difficult areas relate primarily to non-physical harm, such as economic loss or psychiatric damage, and liability for omissions.’
    • ‘They are just a convenient way of dealing with your non-physical functions.’
    • ‘Some investigators focus on physical violence alone, whereas others include a broader range of abusive behaviours, including emotional and other non-physical abuse.’
    • ‘During this period and later she insisted on keeping their relationship non-physical, preferring to regard it as a ‘spiritual union’.’
    • ‘My job is to pick non-physical fights with people.’
    intangible, impalpable, non-material, non-physical
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  • 2Not tangible or concrete.

    ‘nonphysical digital money’
    • ‘Quite aside from these difficulties, Cartesians are as much in the dark about how non-physical things manage to think and feel as their opponents are about how physical things can do so.’
    • ‘Having assembled all his evidence, he devotes the closing sections to a discussion of what evidence ghosts offer for the existence of a non-physical self, for survival after death, for the nature of time and reality.’
    • ‘Descartes' position, called substance dualism, has raised fundamental questions about how a non-physical mind could have an effect on a physical body.’
    • ‘Healthcare hardware and nuclear reactors fall into this category, but he expands his scope to show how non-physical aspects become integral to the entire design.’
    • ‘Recall that, for Godel, mathematical intuition represents some sort of relationship between humans and the non-physical, mathematical realm.’
    • ‘Mathematicians, most of whom act as Platonists, believe that mathematics is an actual ideal non-physical realm that lies behind our familiar reality of objects.’
    • ‘Taken from another perspective we have to look at trade in the non-tangible and non-physical sense, it's all in the creation of value added in a digital economy.’
    • ‘This is not an abstract non-physical entity, but a physical expression in the design of our brains, of genes that have evolved over millions of years.’
    • ‘It seems here to amount to the claim that things like consciousness, agency and free will are real - though non-physical - and that they are, in principle, beyond scientific, or at least mechanistic, explanation.’
    • ‘Some believe it is non-physical and that it can be separated from the body.’
    • ‘Some philosophers have, in the past, leaped from this sort of consideration to what they take to be a proof that the mind is essentially non-physical in nature.’
    • ‘The second is that the interaction between non-physical mind and physical body breaks some law of physics: it is because of something to do with the physical, with physical law, that the problem arises.’
    • ‘There are non-physical entities known as angels.’
    • ‘Now, if I go back to magic as ‘the apparently acausal connection between intent or will and results,’ I find that this is no different a claim than some make about every act my non-physical mind has on the physical world.’
    impalpable, untouchable, imperceptible to the touch, non-physical, bodiless, incorporeal, unembodied, disembodied, abstract, invisible
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