Definition of nonparticipation in US English:



  • The fact or condition of not being involved with or participating in something.

    ‘the government's nonparticipation in the war is tactical’
    ‘the teacher didn't seem to mind their nonparticipation’
    • ‘The main reasons given for nonparticipation were lack of time and inability to return to the clinic.’
    • ‘Their nonparticipation means that those workers escape any contribution to the financing of the legacy debt.’
    • ‘In fact, inappropriate participation may be worse than non-participation.’
    • ‘We need to listen to what the young are saying to us through their non-participation.’
    • ‘Voter nonparticipation is the great ongoing scandal of our democracy.’
    • ‘This chapter examines the reasons for the participation of the six states, and for the non-participation of Britain.’
    • ‘The reasons given for nonparticipation were, in a word, diverse.’
    • ‘I asked the recipients who would still not participate for the reasons for their non-participation.’
    • ‘The only reasons accepted for non-participation are foreign citizenship, a severe chronic medical condition, or a handicap documented in a medical certificate.’
    • ‘Some information about the reasons for non-participation was gathered through e-mail correspondence with participants.’
    • ‘Current nonparticipation in clinical activities does not negate past participation.’
    • ‘The candidates all believe they can buck the long-running trend of student non-participation.’
    • ‘Without the spectator's gaze, without the spectator's pact of non-intervention and non-participation in the action, there can be no theater.’
    • ‘I would argue that in the absence of compulsory voting Australia would see a similar level of non-participation.’
    • ‘Aspects such as age, marital status, small farm size and other sources of income will be major factors in non-participation.’
    • ‘The traditional apathy and non-participation won out at the polls.’
    laissez-faire, neutrality, non-alignment, non-participation, non-interference, non-interventionism, non-involvement, a hands-off approach, inaction, passivity
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