Definition of nonoperational in English:



  • 1Not working or in use.

    ‘nonoperational equipment’
    • ‘Before US occupation, the base was essentially nonoperational.’
    • ‘For a while in the early days, just after release, the billing system was more or less nonoperational and the main game executable was a crash-prone mess.’
    • ‘Designated caretakers are employees from noncritical and nonoperational departments during the storm.’
    • ‘In addition, 5 other reactors have been nonoperational for at least 2 consecutive calendar years.’
    • ‘At the Block M bus terminal, twin ticket booths were already installed in the underground hall, but were vacant and nonoperational.’
    • ‘The baseboards were lined with the couple of thousand LPs Alvin had collected, though his snazzy vertical turntable was nonoperational for some obscure hightech reason.’
    • ‘As a book about a nonoperational aircraft, Valkyrie will probably attract only a limited audience within the Air Force community.’
    • ‘Our hands have been tied while the studio has been nonoperational.’
    • ‘A system on the aircraft was nonoperational and the aircraft could not be used for the next sortie.’
    1. 1.1Not engaged in or involving active duties.
      • ‘It's hard to get top-grade civilian people in key positions because of the rotation of military officers in senior positions, and yet militaryofficers must rotate in and out of nonoperational assignments.’
      • ‘Drawing from these definitions, noncore logistics functions can be described as nonoperational activities that are not required to be undertaken by military personnel.’
      • ‘Many officers will become midcareer specialists by joining the nonoperational career fields after extensive experience in the operational career field's basic branches.’
      • ‘Many who become generals have only one nonoperational assignment, which allows little time for reflection and assimilation of skills.’
    2. 1.2Not derived from or involving normal business operations.
      • ‘Last year, our business generated about $1.2 billion of free cash flow, but a lot of it went into junk- nonbusiness, nonoperational stuff.’