Definition of nonoperational in US English:



  • 1Not working or in use.

    ‘nonoperational equipment’
    • ‘The capital receipts will come from the sale of non-operational property such as three golf courses in Leeds, assorted agricultural land, shops and houses across the district.’
    • ‘The NHS holds around 1,000 non-operational sites currently worth £912m.’
    • ‘Designated caretakers are employees from noncritical and nonoperational departments during the storm.’
    • ‘The baseboards were lined with the couple of thousand LPs Alvin had collected, though his snazzy vertical turntable was nonoperational for some obscure hightech reason.’
    • ‘I have been amazed, with using this unit, just how many cameras are actually non-operational at certain times and it has saved me many times from being clocked while just over the speed limit.’
    • ‘As a book about a nonoperational aircraft, Valkyrie will probably attract only a limited audience within the Air Force community.’
    • ‘In addition, 5 other reactors have been nonoperational for at least 2 consecutive calendar years.’
    • ‘Head Philip Davies said: ‘Items removed included file servers, so the whole of the suite is non-operational.’’
    • ‘Before US occupation, the base was essentially nonoperational.’
    • ‘‘Power is vital, especially for health services, but most power stations are non-operational due to damage, or a lack of staff or fuel,’ the bank said.’
    • ‘For a while in the early days, just after release, the billing system was more or less nonoperational and the main game executable was a crash-prone mess.’
    • ‘At the Block M bus terminal, twin ticket booths were already installed in the underground hall, but were vacant and nonoperational.’
    • ‘A system on the aircraft was nonoperational and the aircraft could not be used for the next sortie.’
    • ‘Our hands have been tied while the studio has been nonoperational.’
    1. 1.1 Not engaged in or involving active duties.
      • ‘They have been put on non-operational firearms duties.’
      • ‘Up to 3,000 non-operational managers will lose their jobs although it remained unclear last night where the majority of losses will be.’
      • ‘The new range of cost-cutting measures was decided at a meeting of the group's executive committee in Mr Gilbertson's home town of Johannesburg and will cost 100 jobs on top of the 1300 non-operational positions shed since the merger.’
      • ‘This practice is extant for non-operational periods only.’
      • ‘For many people it will be their only non-operational overseas experience.’
      • ‘Most of these duty officers had retreated to non-operational areas early in their careers because they couldn't stomach the risks of front-line policing.’
      • ‘Many officers will become midcareer specialists by joining the nonoperational career fields after extensive experience in the operational career field's basic branches.’
      • ‘Drawing from these definitions, noncore logistics functions can be described as nonoperational activities that are not required to be undertaken by military personnel.’
      • ‘Many who become generals have only one nonoperational assignment, which allows little time for reflection and assimilation of skills.’
      • ‘The two officers remained at work, on non-operational duties, as the Crown Prosecution Service considers whether to bring any criminal charges against them.’
      • ‘It's hard to get top-grade civilian people in key positions because of the rotation of military officers in senior positions, and yet militaryofficers must rotate in and out of nonoperational assignments.’
    2. 1.2 Not derived from or involving normal business operations.
      • ‘Last year, our business generated about $1.2 billion of free cash flow, but a lot of it went into junk- nonbusiness, nonoperational stuff.’