Definition of nonofficial in US English:



  • Not sanctioned or controlled by an authority.

    ‘mission personnel will limit nonofficial travel’
    • ‘It offers "a completely different, nonofficial, extraecclesiastical and extrapolitical aspect of the world, of man, and of human relations".’
    • ‘My sources tell me that he formerly worked abroad under nonofficial cover and has more recently worked stateside.’
    • ‘If they are interested in price, then potentially the market could shift over to nonofficial sites almost entirely.’
    • ‘In the face of an almost total void of nonofficial art critics, artists themselves assumed the role of keepers of the discourse.’
    • ‘For instance, nonofficial Soviet and post-Soviet art is represented mostly by Moscow artists and critics, while the country's other vital art scenes are rarely mentioned.’
    • ‘Japan simultaneously severed its ties with Taiwan, replacing its embassy with a nonofficial office.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the nonofficial churches("nonrecognized cults") had to find their own resources in a cultural context defiant to religious pluralism.’
    • ‘In a statement, the embassy said mission personnel will limit nonofficial travel during the next two days and urged Americans to keep "a high level of vigilance."’
    • ‘The differences can be seen across a variety of official and nonofficial statements of the Catholic perspective in recent debates over uses of military force.’
    • ‘A broad reading would leave much more to the discretion of Congress, and arguably embrace the kinds of nonofficial failings for which Clinton stood exposed.’
    • ‘And he probably, although nobody has told me this - I'm reading between the lines - he probably wants much greater use of nonofficial cover officers.’
    • ‘The contract requires prepublication review of nonofficial writings by the government in order to protect sensitive information.’
    • ‘The fact that the president's house was still the people's house made Washington's official and nonofficial homes more open than those of other American cities.’
    • ‘Led by Silas Deane and Benjamin Franklin, American diplomats as early as 1776 gained nonofficial assistance in the form of guns and money from the three European powers.’
    • ‘The support of an official form of Confucianism in China was not accompanied by the exclusion of Buddhism, Taoism, or nonofficial, popular forms of religion.’
    • ‘As a covert operative who specialized in nonconventional weapons and sometimes worked abroad, she passed herself off as a private energy expert, what the agency calls nonofficial cover.’
    • ‘Even as the credibility of the campfire story has declined, however, it has still often been invoked, especially by public speakers and in informal and nonofficial publications about Yellowstone.’
    • ‘His comrades have revived old practices of harassing and arresting journalists, academics, human rights activists, and nonofficial religious leaders.’