Definition of nonnatural in English:



  • 1Not involving or manifesting natural means or processes.

    • ‘Global warming is generally accepted to be a non-natural phenomenon.’
    • ‘The reporting procedure in The Netherlands is a reporting procedure that distinguishes between natural deaths and non-natural deaths, and if it's euthanasia you have to report it as a non-natural death.’
    • ‘Miller testified that, ‘If you invoke a non-natural cause, a spirit force or something like that in your research, I have no way to test it.’’
    • ‘Spirits of the dead are going to wander around where they jumped because they died of non-natural causes.’
    • ‘They want science to be redefined to include non-natural or supernatural explanations for natural phenomena.’
    • ‘With other breakthroughs in chemistry, it is now possible to synthesize some natural products, like rubber, from non-natural sources.’
    • ‘I've known moms to be phobic of anything with an appliqué, certain colors, non-natural fibers, or frilly headbands.’
    • ‘On the outside of the house, stucco replaces non-natural materials like vinyl siding.’
    • ‘In essence this Act prohibited non-natural additives on public-health grounds.’
    • ‘The doctor is then obliged to report the death from a non-natural cause and a review committee will assess whether the doctor has acted in accordance with the due care criteria.’
    1. 1.1Philosophy Existing but not part of the natural world (a term used by G. E. Moore of ethical properties)
      • ‘Broadly conceived, the Naturalistic Fallacy rules out any attempt to treat morality as defined according to some pre-existent reality, whether that reality is expressed in natural or non-natural terms.’