Definition of nonjudicial in US English:



  • 1Not resulting from a court ruling or judgment.

    ‘nonjudicial punishment’
    • ‘A subsequent investigation resulted in nonjudicial punishment for them in the form of fines.’
    • ‘They can have a what's called nonjudicial foreclosure.’
    • ‘If desired goals can be attained by other means, nonjudicial measures are preferred.’
    • ‘He was found guilty on adultery and pornography charges and processed through nonjudicial punishment.’
    • ‘And I believe that that's what I classify as a nonjudicial determination of guilt, and it's a preventative action.’
  • 2Not involving courts or judges.

    ‘nonjudicial appointments’
    • ‘In addition, the law will require many debtors to pay higher legal fees and agree to a court-ordered repayment plan under Chapter 13 rather than have their debts discharged completely in a nonjudicial proceeding.’
    • ‘The soldiers had been facing a court-martial proceeding, but agreed instead to a nonjudicial one.’
    • ‘Consultants accustomed to nonjudicial campaigns encounter important differences when working on judicial campaigns.’
    • ‘To recognize such an action would amount to judicial interference with nonjudicial functions, such as the conduct of foreign relations.’
    • ‘The Constitution allows judicial functions of a ‘limited nature’ to be exercised by nonjudicial bodies.’