Definition of noninflammatory in US English:



  • 1Not accompanied by or associated with inflammation.

    ‘noninflammatory acne’
    • ‘In general, this was a group of uncomplicated skin biopsy specimens, the vast majority of which were for the diagnosis of solitary, noninflammatory lesions.’
    • ‘An erythrocyte sedimentation rate may distinguish inflammatory arthritis from noninflammatory arthritis, but this test is nonspecific and may be overused.’
    • ‘Tumors and solid organs enlarged by noninflammatory processes are often not tender at all, or only slightly so.’
    • ‘Morning stiffness and a history of swelling suggest an inflammatory process but also are characteristic of fibromyalgia, a noninflammatory condition.’
    • ‘In the noninflammatory form, no evidence of inflammation, including infection-fighting cells, is present.’
    1. 1.1 Not controversial or contentious.
      ‘a noninflammatory report’
      • ‘On Friday, the UN chief weapons inspector again emerged with a balanced, noninflammatory report that was immediately politicized beyond recognition by the White House spin doctors.’
      • ‘The terms need to be (A) precise, (B) instantly comprehensible, (C) not legalese, and (D) as unjudgmental, noninflammatory, and unloaded as possible.’