Definition of noninclusive in US English:



  • 1Not including all possible elements; not exhaustive.

    ‘a noninclusive list’
    1. 1.1 Excluding some parties, interests, or concerns.
      ‘the book is further hampered by noninclusive language’
      • ‘Guilt about being noninclusive is joined to the galling realization that there are not a lot of people interested in being included in the group.’
      • ‘The leadership suffers from a deep sense of guilt about being noninclusive in a wondrously inclusive culture.’
      • ‘He writes well but the writing is marred by too many cliches and too much noninclusive language (Clare, at 25, is a "girl").’
      • ‘The book is further hampered by noninclusive language, a bane of numerous books published in England even today.’
      • ‘A number of studies have shown that peer interactions of children with disabilities occur more frequently in inclusive settings than in noninclusive settings made up only of children with disabilities.’