Definition of nonhereditary in US English:



  • Not acquired or acquirable by inheritance.

    ‘nonhereditary forms of breast cancer’
    • ‘It is by far the most common, nonhereditary, genetic birth defect, afflicting about one in every 1,000 babies.’
    • ‘Congenital disorders are nonhereditary disorders, which are present at birth.’
    • ‘Hereditary and nonhereditary congenital hearing loss are the two major pediatric classifications.’
    • ‘Among the Kuma, male leaders were designated as bigmen, a nonhereditary status earned through skill in oratory and negotiation.’
    • ‘Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is nonhereditary; alcohol causes neuronal damage and cell loss in the fetal brain through direct action as a toxin.’
    • ‘It has also been fundamental in investigating many nonhereditary traits, especially gene expression relevant to complex diseases such as laminitis, developmental bone diseases, and colic.’
    • ‘It is not so easy to differentiate those nonhereditary traits and talents within human nature from hereditary ones.’
    • ‘This subset of patients was randomly chosen to include similar proportions of hereditary and nonhereditary disease.’
    • ‘Hereditary breast cancer commonly occurs in premenopausal women and is more frequently bilateral than nonhereditary breast cancer.’