Definition of nongendered in US English:



  • Not relating or specific to people of one particular gender.

    ‘campaigns to provide safe, nongendered bathroom options’
    • ‘The issue of non-gendered language is pretty invisible in English, which is what makes this important.’
    • ‘Equality requires not only equal opportunity to pursue male-defined roles, but also equal power to create female-defined roles, or to create non-gendered roles that men and women have an equal interest in filling.’
    • ‘Working hard to use non-gendered terms, and to correct my students gently when they use them, is an ongoing struggle: too many of the texts we use still automatically assign male pronouns to hypothetical CEOs, and female terms for office assistants.’
    • ‘The supreme state in Buddhism is really a state of interconnectedness between all things that is not only non-gendered but contains no duality whatsoever, and from what I have read, does not seem easily definable as monotheistic or polytheistic.’
    • ‘The non-competitive, non-gendered world I would like does not exist, and I am too anxious not to prepare my daughter for the world that she will inevitably enter.’
    • ‘She found that girls who wanted to pursue 'non-gendered' occupations were discouraged by being told that their aspirations were 'unrealistic'.’
    • ‘Elizabeth justified her right to rule on the non-gendered grounds of the laws of inheritance, her father's will, and the 1544 Act of Succession.’
    • ‘I looked around his school and realized there were tons of pictures of male dancers, non-gendered paintings of dancers, and even a few ballerinas; it was a nice balance.’
    • ‘This notion of God is non-gendered, unknowable, and absolute.’
    • ‘Men who dress in drag are often simply claiming the right to represent themselves in a non-gendered way.’