Definition of nonfunctioning in US English:



  • Not working or operating properly.

    ‘nonfunctioning smoke detectors are common’
    • ‘My cable TV was working fine, so I was puzzled as to why the cable modem for my internet would be non-functioning.’
    • ‘A prosthesis is an artificial replacement for a missing or non-functioning body part.’
    • ‘In the late 1980s, the capital city of Malabo had two non-functioning movie theaters used for government events.’
    • ‘It also has a big scary hole in the living room ceiling, no grounded outlets and two non-functioning washing machines.’
    • ‘Rather than greeting Monday morning with my usual combination of bleary eyes, splitting headache, non-functioning brain and general reluctance towards the whole idea of being in work, today has so far found me feeling almost lively.’
    • ‘Asking the doctor to adjust the non-functioning spouse's treatment might be more satisfactory for both partners.’
    • ‘And entering a non-existent or non-functioning URL in the address bar will default to a Google search on that address.’
    • ‘Old, obsolete and non-functioning computer monitors and cell phones are but a few of the many items that constitute electronic waste.’
    • ‘Today I disassembled a non-functioning VCR and harvested 63 small screws which will join the thousands of other small screws housed in little glass jars in my workshop.’
    • ‘We had a leak in one of the still non-functioning water-heaters.’