Definition of nonflammable in English:



  • Not catching fire easily; not flammable.

    • ‘But 99.9% of the time they're made of fairly non-flammable stuff, nowhere near anything else flammable, with no harmful effects.’
    • ‘Biodiesel is sulfur free, non-flammable and biodegrades faster than sugar.’
    • ‘But she is determined to use her experience to help others and she has launched a campaign to have children's nightwear and clothing made from non-flammable materials.’
    • ‘Nineteen thirty-two also saw the introduction of a new handle material which was advertised to be tough, non-flammable and a perfect insulator against electricity.’
    • ‘These items are 100 percent ozone-safe, non-flammable and replaceable or refillable.’
    • ‘They also advised that burning candles should always be kept in a secure non-flammable container away from flammable materials, and it should always be ensured that they are properly put out.’
    • ‘It's the first airship to use non-flammable gas.’
    • ‘And I walked into the toystore and found an age-appropriate, non-flammable present.’
    • ‘Caves are also non-flammable and easily defended.’
    • ‘Finding a suitable non-flammable substitute for wood meant designing buildings with noncombustible floors and roofs.’
    • ‘Always dress your baby in non-flammable sleepwear.’
    • ‘If crayon gets into the dryer and melts onto the drum, remove as much as possible with non-flammable household cleaner.’
    • ‘They are chemically very stable, non-flammable, non-toxic, and easily liquefied.’
    • ‘As a buy-to-let landlord, you will also be subject to health and safety laws such as ensuring an annual gas safety check is carried out and that any furniture and furnishings you supply are non-flammable.’


See inflammable