Definition of nonexplosive in English:



  • Not able or likely to explode or to cause an explosion.

    • ‘The use of nonexplosive, non-lethal barrier devices will mitigate the post-deployment hazards associated with traditional mines.’
    • ‘The viscosity of the magma, however, is also an important factor in determining whether an eruption will be explosive or nonexplosive.’
    • ‘Because of their frequent occurrence and relatively nonexplosive character, Hawaiian eruptions are some of the most extensively studied in the world.’
    • ‘Dissolved gases in the magma determine whether the eruption will be explosive or nonexplosive.’
    • ‘Produced artificially on a scale of 120 million tonnes per year and also produced biologically, urea is noncorrosive, nonexplosive, essentially nontoxic, and almost nonflammable.’
    • ‘Blasting agents are usually ammonium nitrate mixtures sensitized with nonexplosive fuels such as oil or wax.’
    • ‘Formulations based on nonexplosive fuels are advantageously employed in the practice of the invention exemplary of which are the soluble polyalcohols such as ethylene glycol and carbohydrates such as cane sugar.’
    • ‘This results in relatively calm, nonexplosive eruptions, and a preponderance of lava.’
    • ‘Although they differ markedly from nonexplosive Hawaiian eruptions, Plinian eruptions are similar to Hawaiian fire fountaining in that both of these eruption types generate sustained eruption plumes.’
    • ‘Lower amounts of dissolved gases lead to effusive, nonexplosive eruptions.’
    • ‘Basalt fragmentation can occur by the explosive eruption process, or by an essentially nonexplosive process associated with the spalling of pillow basalt rinds by thermal shock or chill shattering.’