Definition of nonempty in US English:



Logic Mathematics
  • (of a set or class) not empty; having at least one element or member.

    • ‘A split is a partition of the set of taxa into two disjoint, non-empty groups.’
    • ‘In addition to this expressive limitation, Euler's system also suffers other kinds of expressive limitations with respect to non-empty sets, due to topological restrictions on plane figures.’
    • ‘Specifically, the number of ways a set with n objects can be partitioned into disjoint and non-empty subsets is described by the Bell numbers.’
    • ‘In fact, this simply points up something about Aristotle's system: Aristotle in effect supposes that all terms in syllogisms are non-empty.’
    • ‘We can understand nothing by making it a thing, the empty set for example, but without some thing to contrast it with, non-empty sets, the thing no longer makes sense.’