Definition of nonemployment in US English:



  • 1The state of not having paid work.

    ‘many mothers choose nonemployment because no high-quality reduced-hour work is available’
    • ‘The procedure was designed to handle conflict between the supervisor and the employee about work-related concerns - not about employment or nonemployment.’
    • ‘It would not be possible for a labourer to lay by anything out of his wages to provide against non-employment; his wages are barely sufficient to support him.’
    • ‘Even in forms of non-employment there is a role for legislative intervention to ensure equity and decent treatment of working people.’
    • ‘There is a disturbingly high correlation between dropping out of high school and becoming incarcerated, and between nonemployment and becoming imprisoned.’
    • ‘The real state of the labour market may be better revealed by the non-employment rate, defined as the proportion of the working age population who are not in work.’
    • ‘The nature of any criminal conviction will be considered as to its relevance to the work in question and will not of itself be a reason for non-employment.’
    • ‘People with very high risks of non-employment spend long periods without earnings.’
    • ‘The architects of India's constitution were fully aware of this menace and incorporated articles mandating nonemployment of children and requiring their induction into school.’
  • 2The state of not being used.

    ‘the nonemployment of force’
    • ‘The French doctrine is a concept of nonemployment - there is no question of using the nuclear weapon within the framework of a conflict which does not threaten vital interests.’
    • ‘The peace of deterrence through mutual fear may technically be non-employment of weapons, but it is not peace.’
    • ‘This is only one of the many illustrations I might give of the non-employment of valuable appliances which are specially provided for the benefit of the schools.’
    non-use, non-employment, lack of use
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