Definition of nondrying in US English:



  • 1Not causing dryness.

    ‘wash your complexion with a nondrying cleanser’
    • ‘And always remove makeup and grime with a gentle nondrying cleanser before working out and at bedtime.’
    • ‘With this nondrying shampoo you can wash hair daily (and can even skip conditioner).’
    • ‘Creams are appropriate for patients with sensitive or dry skin who require a nonirritating, nondrying formulation.’
    • ‘If you have dry skin, choose a brand with a nondrying lavender, chamomile, or rose base.’
    • ‘These studies showed that the gel was safe for repeated application, was nondrying, and rendered immediate moisturization to the skin on application.’
    • ‘These studies demonstrated the gel's persistent antimicrobial activity and nondrying, skin moisturization properties.’
    • ‘It won't irritate sensitive skin and it's nondrying, making it perfect for anyone who's using skin-sloughing retinols or harsh topical acne creams/lotions.’
    • ‘Mildly astringent yet nondrying, they are ideal on psoriasis, highly sensitive skin or at any time essential oils might be too strong.’
  • 2(of an oil) that does not harden when exposed to air.

    • ‘The substance proved to be a nondrying oil, as expected; its use is an effective trick, since one application remains fresh-looking indefinitely.’
    • ‘Glycerin is used as a lubricant in various operations in the textile industry, and can be mixed with sugar to make a nondrying oil.’