Definition of nondisclosure in US English:



  • Failure to reveal or disclose information, or an instance of this.

    ‘security requirements are used to justify the nondisclosure of basic information’
    • ‘The relationship between racial residential segregation and nondisclosure varies by loan purpose.’
    • ‘Patient preferences for nondisclosure of medical information and family-centered decision making may be disorienting initially to American-trained physicians.’
    • ‘This is a fine example of Orwellian newspeak, suggesting that openness can best be achieved by secrecy and non-disclosure.’
    • ‘First, three of the courts questioned whether a constitutional right to privacy in the nondisclosure of personal information exists.’
    • ‘One context is the contract for nondisclosure of classified information that employees, contractors, and others sign when they are granted access to sensitive information by agencies of the Intelligence Community.’
    • ‘In our view this amounts to 'non-disclosure' of material information.’
    • ‘The technical reasons for the rise of nondisclosure involve the differential effects of reporting requirements on different parts of the mortgage industry.’
    • ‘On the facts, no actual request had been made and the non-disclosure of information was not negligent even though some practitioners would have mentioned the risk in question.’
    • ‘When national security justifications are used to justify the nondisclosure of basic information, First Amendment values can be in danger.’
    • ‘If it turns out that you have a major structural problem, the seller could be liable for nondisclosure.’
    • ‘For example, nondisclosure could be considered reasonable in the case of a patient with severe depression who was at risk of attempting suicide.’
    • ‘The principal ground of the appeal concerns the non-disclosure of material in the possession of the police and prosecution before the start of the trial.’
    • ‘Ministers should be required to clarify their reasons for non-disclosure.’
    • ‘This insurance shall be voidable if there has been misrepresentation, mis-description or non-disclosure of any material fact.’
    • ‘Corporate sponsors of research sometimes demand the postponement, or even nondisclosure, of findings.’
    • ‘With the steps and exercises described here, concrete reasons for nondisclosure may present themselves.’
    • ‘Although it is at odds with our predominant medical ethical culture, many families and patients desire nondisclosure of bad news.’
    • ‘When an allegation of fraud is based upon nondisclosure, there can be no fraud absent a duty to speak.’
    • ‘The first section draws on material from a survey of 373 high school students that asked questions about abuse disclosure or nondisclosure and the respective consequences of each.’
    • ‘In several countries, including Greece, nondisclosure of difficult medical information is preferred.’