Definition of nondirectional in US English:



  • 1Lacking directional properties.

    • ‘Because it is non-directional, a manufacturer can optimize cutting yield.’
    • ‘The simplest explanation of these changes, given the non-directional pattern evident in Figure 3, is that they result from the varying patterns of replenishment and loss of individual fishes.’
    • ‘It was observed that the bulging effect at the apex was accompanied by the formation of thick but non-directional microfilaments.’
    1. 1.1 (of sound, light, radio waves, etc.) equally sensitive, intense, etc., in every direction.
      • ‘We also needed to confirm the airport would be open, and the airport lights and non-directional beacon were working.’
      • ‘The airstrip, which does not have a manned control tower, is served by a non-directional beacon.’
      • ‘The voice came from all around as non-directional speakers vibrated the air of the room itself.’