Definition of noncore in US English:



  • Not considered to be essential; expendable.

    ‘substantial expenditure cuts in noncore service areas’
    • ‘He has cut about 80 staff and chopped five noncore products.’
    • ‘Some companies, including France Télécom and conglomerate Vivendi Universal, are reducing debt by raising fresh equity and selling off noncore subsidiaries.’
    • ‘The goal can be to avoid a bankruptcy filing, emerge from bankruptcy, or simply to sell the company or its noncore assets off for creditors.’
    • ‘Lesar's recovery plan calls for chopping costs, selling noncore assets, and moving away from fixed-cost contracts, which contributed to this year's losses.’
    • ‘Computron had been operating in the red but is now significantly reduced in size, thanks to spin-offs of some unprofitable noncore businesses.’
    • ‘They're spinning off noncore operations to focus on their specialties.’
    • ‘Schroders Salomon Smith Barney estimates that RWE has noncore holdings and other assets worth $8.5 billion that it might convert to cash, thanks to the tax bill.’
    • ‘The challenge for today's defense forces is first identifying core logistics functions and then outsourcing those that are noncore.’
    • ‘Private equity has also helped German companies restructure by providing a market for noncore holdings, often with beneficial effects for employees.’
    • ‘For example, in 1999 we sold a lot of noncore assets and equities.’
    • ‘GM is not alone in moving its noncore business processes to outsource service providers.’
    • ‘So they should outsource some of the more transactional and noncore supply-chain functions to a company like ours that could spread the costs over several companies.’
    • ‘In recent weeks, long-stalled restructuring schemes have been revived to merge redundant companies inside Temasek as well as spin off noncore assets.’
    • ‘They have been rapidly cutting debt, selling off noncore businesses, and repositioning themselves to grow rapidly.’
    • ‘Green is selling-off noncore assets to pay down loans following a management buyout last year.’
    • ‘AutoNation has focused on its core dealership business and freed up cash by jettisoning noncore operations, including a credit business.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago, technology was a noncore activity for enterprises, and it barely touched individuals.’
    • ‘Credit Suisse sold off several noncore operations, such as British insurer Churchill, and let go more than 7,500 employees over the past two years.’
    • ‘To cut costs and bolster its finances, EDS will lay off 2,700 workers, move more operations offshore, and sell off $250 million in noncore assets.’
    • ‘Today, though, the spin-off once again is viewed as a basic tool for allowing noncore businesses to grow by giving them a separate identity and attracting investors.’