Definition of noncontradictory in US English:



  • See noncontradiction

    • ‘A third way Derrida is metaphysical is that he assumes that meaning has validity only if it is total and absolutely non-contradictory.’
    • ‘Even our ‘official definitions’ can't seem to present non-contradictory information, and to address the issue without constantly keeping popular usage close at hand is silly.’
    • ‘Whatever the problems and whatever means and methods are used to solve them, it is important that thinking should be straight, consistent, non-contradictory and conclusive - in a word, it should be logical.’
    • ‘Lemma is an open-ended game the players create by making up non-contradictory rules and enacting examples of the rules on the board.’
    • ‘Appoint a specific person to deal with the media, so the message that goes out is at all times accurate and non-contradictory.’