Definition of noncontradiction in US English:



  • The lack or absence of contradiction, especially as a principle of logic that a proposition and its opposite cannot both be true.

    ‘the first law of logic, the law of noncontradiction, states that Beaver and I cannot both be right’
    • ‘The basic law of logic is the principle of non-contradiction, namely that it is contradictory to say that something can both be and not be at the same time.’
    • ‘The unity of truth is a fundamental premise of human reasoning, as the principle of non-contradiction makes clear.’
    • ‘Moreover, the instructional process imparts a religious vocabulary that religious people use in linguistic patterns that embody such logical principles as non-contradiction and the distinction between symbol and the symbolized.’
    • ‘This universal form is, Hegel says, simply a principle of consistency or non-contradiction.’
    • ‘But this violates the laws of identity and non-contradiction in classical logic.’