Definition of nonconducting in US English:



  • See nonconductor

    • ‘When two non-conducting materials come into contact with each other, a chemical bond, known as adhesion, is formed between the two materials.’
    • ‘In fact, scientists have already been able to construct such wires, but they are relatively short and must be isolated from their neighbors by immersing them in a sea of other, non-conducting molecules.’
    • ‘They are ball-shaped and consist of a core of non-conducting glass that is covered by a metallic shell, typically either gold or silver.’
    • ‘If air is an insulator, then how can a bolt of lighting flash from a cloud to the ground through non-conducting material?’
    • ‘When both the first and the second two-terminal non-linear elements are in the non-conducting state, the voltage on the capacitor can be maintained.’