Definition of noncompetitive in US English:



  • Not involving competition; not competitive.

    ‘they joined in noncompetitive activities like friendship week’
    • ‘Now, rock-climbing generally isn't competitive, it's a sort of a non-competitive sport.’
    • ‘Playing noncompetitive games reminds us of how much fun it is to simply let ourselves go.’
    • ‘It is difficult to conceive of an exercise situation in which there would be no differences in effort between competitive and noncompetitive individuals.’
    • ‘A weeklong vacation Bible school is a golden opportunity to explore peace building, peace heroes, and noncompetitive games.’
    • ‘While testing is non-competitive, gamesmanship still plays a part.’
    • ‘The group is non-competitive, with no two members involved in exactly the same area of business.’
    • ‘Also two young groups from Gilbert Scott Infants' School and Parkhill Junior School will be performing on their African drums in non-competitive classes.’
    • ‘Health related fitness should be a family activity, and parents can initiate their wards by motivating them to take part in non-competitive sporting activities.’
    • ‘In addition to women who train at a competitive level, many non-competitive women exercise vigorously as well.’
    • ‘Neither rain nor harsh winds will stop us from playing competitive or non-competitive golf and tennis.’
    • ‘As a result, non-competitive activities such as dance, boxercise and Tai Chi are likely to be offered as alternatives to more traditional games such as hockey and football.’
    • ‘Tai chi is a noncompetitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise.’
    • ‘We advocate creative and noncompetitive education at every age level, and the inclusion of cultural diversity in all curricula.’
    • ‘Its programs give young people the chance to develop their creative abilities and to learn about commitment, cooperation and responsibility in a noncompetitive environment.’
    • ‘Girls use language to create and maintain cohesiveness, and their activities are generally cooperative and non-competitive.’
    • ‘Herland aims to change that by programming works from across Canada in a celebratory, non-competitive festival environment.’
    • ‘The club invites people to take part in a non-competitive 10k Walk at 1.30 pm.’
    • ‘This program is designed to provide a noncompetitive performance opportunity for all the students in a teacher's studio.’
    • ‘This noncompetitive walk is held all over the country from early spring to late fall and is organized by the National Kidney Foundation.’
    • ‘We suggest that competitive displays more reliably signal female quality as compared to noncompetitive ones, and that males benefit from mating with dominant females.’
    • ‘You might also enjoy noncompetitive activities you can do on your own at your convenience, such as in-line skating or working out at a health club.’
    • ‘Each district holds a spring adjudicated event, as well as a noncompetitive fall festival.’
    • ‘He has even sponsored his own high-school-based robotics competition that is task-oriented, nonviolent, and noncompetitive.’
    • ‘You will receive all the tools to host a nationally sponsored event in your own studio, giving students a meaningful performance outlet in a noncompetitive atmosphere.’
    • ‘The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a non-competitive charity open to anyone aged between 14 and 25.’
    • ‘If your child is interested in learning modern dance, disco etc., this is a great way to go about it in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere.’
    • ‘It is a non-competitive festival, aimed at the vast loyal audiences of Glasgow and beyond, and situated as far away as possible from Edinburgh in the annual calendar of Scottish events.’
    • ‘Those who decide that £20 for a non-competitive match is excessive, therefore, have perfect grounds to do so.’
    • ‘Although a sport, Free Running is renowned for its artistic movements and is non-competitive.’
    • ‘Residents tend to be egalitarian, private, and noncompetitive.’
    • ‘It has also been widely copied throughout the world as a non-competitive event.’
    • ‘The event was noncompetitive, and runners were asked to maintain about a 9-10 minute per mile pace.’
    • ‘A very popular annual event, the festival attracted sixty students who performed in a noncompetitive series of three recitals.’
    • ‘A non-competitive system cannot be grafted on to a competitive exam.’
    • ‘What did this non-competitive event set out to achieve?’
    • ‘Many noncompetitive activities are available for a child who isn't interested in organized athletics.’
    • ‘Yoga is the perfect noncompetitive activity for this design.’
    • ‘This noncompetitive activity encourages learning about the history of romantic music.’
    • ‘This non-competitive section was open to directors who did not qualify for the competitive sections of the festival.’
    • ‘Kids under five should be encouraged to play at the park or engage in games of noncompetitive tag or playful snowball fights.’