Definition of noncommunist in US English:


(also non-Communist)


  • Not advocating or practicing communism.

    • ‘The deliberation and drafting of the 1951 Refugees Convention were conducted solely by Western powers and non-communist member states of the UN.’
    • ‘Eventually Stalin began trading with non-communist countries of western Europe, although he continued to be hostile to Germany.’
    • ‘The raw materials for a stable, non-communist government simply didn't exist in South Vietnam.’
    • ‘Though communists call themselves ‘socialists’, their movement had little in common with non-communist forms of socialism, or with earlier forms of communism in history, including Christian communism.’
    • ‘Solidarity formed the East Bloc's first non-communist government in 1989, marking the start of a wave of freedom which saw Marxist regimes fall like dominoes across Europe.’


  • A person who is not a communist.

    • ‘And it divided the ACLU, which split apart in 1951, with anti-communists controlling the organization and non-communists leaving to form the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee.’
    • ‘In the arrests which followed in Leningrad non-communists seemed to suffer as much as communists.’
    • ‘He included in it several non-communists, restored a multi-party system, demanded the removal of Soviet troops, and announced Hungary's withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact.’
    • ‘The Russians were held responsible for this and their refusal to allow an enquiry by the International Red Cross only confirmed to non-communists in Poland that Stalin's government was responsible for these murders.’
    • ‘Tito's forces wrested large sections of the country from German control, ultimately winning the support of communists and non-communists, including the Allies.’