Definition of noncommunicative in US English:



  • Unwilling to talk or impart information.

    ‘he was noncommunicative, withdrawn in class, wary of others’
    • ‘We have one student who is non-communicative who also has some behavioural difficulties.’
    • ‘When they do go on tour they are usually hidden by their laptops and non-communicative with the fans.’
    • ‘They miss being at home, they miss their families, and this can result in a child becoming withdrawn, non-communicative and depressed.’
    • ‘I was unlucky enough to get stuck between a non-communicative girl and a man who was, to put it nicely, flowing over the shared armrest.’
    • ‘The insecure manager or the non-communicative manager will generally fail with this approach.’
    • ‘Can I just point out that I'm the quiet, cautious, business-like, non-communicative, serious, boring type, as well as being her boss.’
    • ‘Don't expect her to be flattered by non-communicative behavior; she expects you to talk to her.’
    • ‘One of my patients is 91 years of age, resides in a nursing home and is bedridden and non-communicative.’
    • ‘One of the biggest issues we face is non-communicative people in media departments who feel it's not their job to let you know what you're facing.’
    • ‘The big differences between my wife and I often resulted in some similar non-communicative situations early in our relationship.’
    uncommunicative, secret, unforthcoming, reticent, taciturn, silent, non-communicative, quiet, tight-lipped, close-mouthed, close, playing one's cards close to one's chest, clamlike, reserved, introvert, introverted, self-contained, discreet
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