Definition of noncombustible in US English:



  • Not flammable.

    • ‘The exception was made because when the codes were drafted more than 25 years ago, neither limited combustible nor noncombustible cables had been developed.’
    • ‘Use of coffee pots and similar items in the immediate work area should be placed out of normal walk areas and on a noncombustible surface.’
    • ‘So, the notion of fireproof expanded to include noncombustible materials that did not conduct heat, which could distort flanges or other crucial components.’
    • ‘To give a zero-clearance fireplace a more traditional look, you may want to install tile, veneer stone or brick, or another noncombustible surround material around the immediate firebox opening.’
    • ‘The panels have a noncombustible, moisture- and mold-resistant gypsum core encased in water-resistant face and back papers.’
    • ‘For rooms where fires are a possible concern, you can get ceilings made of mineral fiber, which is noncombustible.’
    • ‘It is inexpensive, durable, noncombustible, impervious to decay, and also very effective for passive solar gain in the right application.’
    • ‘Finding a suitable non-flammable substitute for wood meant designing buildings with noncombustible floors and roofs.’
    • ‘Asbestos has been used for over 2000 years, mined for its heat-resistant and noncombustible properties.’
    • ‘Mineral wool insulation is noncombustible, withstanding temperatures greater than 1,800 degrees, and acts as a fire barrier, which can slow a house fire.’
    • ‘However, you can use a noncombustible material on the surface immediately around the firebox to introduce another color or texture, like the mat surrounding a framed painting.’
    • ‘For that reason, we used a noncombustible framing material - steel studs - covered with fire-resistant concrete backerboard.’
    • ‘Firefighters dig a moat to isolate the burning coal and then fill the trench with noncombustible material, such as rock.’
    • ‘This suggested that noncombustible materials did not guarantee the survival of a building.’
    • ‘Mantels made from noncombustible materials such as plaster, concrete, and stone can be built close to the firebox opening without an intervening surround of marble, slate, or tile.’
    • ‘Minimum thicknesses of noncombustible insulating materials are indicated as required for the fire-resistance ratings shown.’
    • ‘Human bodies are 60 to 70 percent water, which is noncombustible (as demonstrated by entertainers who swallow fire with no ill effects).’
    • ‘In the semiconductor industry, we find even the workstations are built of noncombustible plastic because this industry cannot tolerate a fire.’
    • ‘Use only flame-retardant and noncombustible costumes for Halloween.’
    • ‘Building codes today demand fire resistive and noncombustible construction, automatic sprinkler systems and building-wide fire alarm systems, often with a voice message component.’