Definition of nonchalance in US English:



  • The state of being nonchalant.

    ‘an air of nonchalance’
    • ‘His nonchalance and cool attitude towards her was really beginning to bug her in more ways than one.’
    • ‘They can give a Saturday morning hangover at the coffee bar an air of elegant nonchalance.’
    • ‘I, for one, should not be surprised by Rochford's nonchalance.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, playing the field required a certain nonchalance and confidence neither of which I appeared to be able to muster.’
    • ‘The screen projections were cool, and the nonchalance of the band provided enough room to get into their music.’
    unconcern, lack of concern, indifference, heedlessness, relaxedness, calm, calmness, equanimity, coolness, composure, casualness, ease, easy-going attitude, airiness, carefreeness, frivolousness, carelessness
    calmness, coolness, insouciance, unconcern, casualness, airiness, sangfroid, calm, indifference, dispassionateness, lack of emotion, composure, detachment, imperturbability
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