Definition of noncancerous in US English:



  • Not malignant; without evidence of cancer.

    ‘noncancerous growths’
    • ‘Others develop noncancerous tumors (fibroids) or have scars in the uterus from past surgery.’
    • ‘This is important because what makes a cancerous cell different from a noncancerous cell is the set of genes that are turned on or off.’
    • ‘These initial results show some differences from the other noncancerous systems.’
    • ‘The total fluorescence intensity from tumor sites was less than that from noncancerous sites.’
    • ‘Solid, noncancerous lumps can develop within the fibrous tissues of the breast.’
    • ‘In the study, researchers found that the gold nanoparticles have 600 percent greater affinity for cancer cells than for noncancerous cells.’
    • ‘These can be symptoms of cancer, but more often they are symptoms of noncancerous conditions.’
    • ‘In the patients with carcinoma, the biopsy specimens were taken from noncancerous mucosa adjacent (usually proximal) to the cancer.’
    • ‘Predictive testing for noncancerous conditions also may be initiated.’
    • ‘Of those patients, 214 were diagnosed with noncancerous masses, and 30 had cancerous neoplasms.’
    • ‘The findings could lead to a test that will prevent the needless loss of the thyroid gland in people with the noncancerous condition.’
    • ‘Common warts are noncancerous skin growths caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which stimulates the rapid growth of cells of the outer layer of your skin.’
    • ‘The term radiation injury refers to the morphologic and functional changes that can occur in noncancerous tissue as a direct result of ionizing radiation.’
    • ‘And since the symptoms of some noncancerous prostate conditions can mimic cancer, many men who learn they have a problem often assume the worst.’
    • ‘That book described a very bright, highly functional professional who suffered damage to his frontal lobes as the result of a noncancerous tumor.’
    • ‘By contrast, noncancerous tumors do not spread to other parts of the body.’
    • ‘Ovarian cysts are noncancerous sacs filled with fluid or semisolid material.’
    • ‘Benign breast growths - noncancerous ones - can also contain calcium specks.’
    • ‘These noncancerous growths of the uterus may appear during your childbearing years.’
    • ‘Bone marrow and stem cell transplants help treat certain cancers, such as leukemia and lymphoma, and some noncancerous conditions, such as aplastic anemia and some inherited immune disorders.’
    benign, non-cancerous, non-malignant, non-dangerous, harmless, not life-threatening
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