Definition of nonbelieving in US English:



  • Having no belief in something, especially religion.

    ‘the secular, nonbelieving world’
    • ‘A Christian husband or wife could spend years tossed between pleasing God and pleasing a non-believing spouse in order to keep the peace.’
    • ‘Non-believing at first, Seth and everyone else in their town were astounded when the father had regained his strength and begins to party and go back to his old drinking ways.’
    • ‘It puts me in mind of the many non-believing parents who start going to church to get their kids into "faith schools" - there is something more than hypocritical about it.’
    • ‘He believes we must not shy away from these matters, leaving the ground open to the voices of cynical, non-believing scientists, who are confined by material reality.’
    • ‘Over the next 20 years I spent my life as a non-believing individual, jumping at the chance to debate anyone, anywhere, who might profess any degree of faith in Christ.’
    • ‘Rizka said in a non-believing tone, "Come on, Lainie, we haven't had a real girls' night in a while, why don't you sleep over?"’
    • ‘Stone's principal characters are typically alienated intellectuals, as if we had come little distance from the non-believing Hemingway protagonist whose mitigating grace was more or less holding together in the face of nothingness.’
    • ‘None of Hollywood's other non-believing directors or even religious filmmakers could hope to match DeMille's uniqueness or commercial success.’
    • ‘As a largely non-believing family we celebrate the solstice.’
    • ‘In sum, many children and some non-believing adults acknowledge that their thoughts, sense of identity, and mental processes, while not identical to brain processes, are dependent on brain processes, and will cease when they die.’