Definition of nonbelief in US English:



  • Lack of belief in something, especially religion.

    ‘they defend freedom of belief and nonbelief’
    • ‘The error is the assertion that "Agnostic" is some third thing to be, an alternative to both belief and non-belief, and in fact a milder and more acceptable alternative to belief than Atheism.’
    • ‘The current environment encourages a freer expression of nonbelief than has been usual, except briefly, in the last centuries.’
    • ‘The problem isn't a matter of belief versus nonbelief.’
    • ‘But they did not club together on the basis of their non-belief; they clubbed together on the basis of what they did believe in, whether it was liberalism, communism, fascism or whatever.’
    • ‘Some might flourish within the comforts of a traditional religion, others with non-belief.’
    • ‘I rang round a number of religious groups to ask them if non-belief in God would be any barrier to attendance.’
    • ‘Paradoxically, there is a preacherly tone to his exhortations that, now more than ever, celebrate and justify secularism and non-belief.’
    • ‘If we're so comfortable in our non-belief, do we need to go around nettling the believers?’
    • ‘I know, this should not bother me so much, but I didn't feel this was the time to call attention to myself and my non-belief because, believe me, you have no idea what my relatives are like.’
    • ‘I welcome that the world of nonbelief has such a vigorous champion.’