Definition of nonbank in US English:



  • attributive Not relating to, connected with, or transacted by a bank.

    ‘the arrival of nonbank card issuers’
    ‘they have accounts but also utilize costly nonbank services like payday loans’
    • ‘Among non-bank sources of funds, resources raised by way of external commercial borrowings and equity issues posted a sharp increase.’
    • ‘It appears that non-bank liabilities are expanding at a much more rapid pace than bank liabilities.’
    • ‘Indeed, the proliferation of aggressive non-bank credit creation has provided momentous fuel for this historic boom.’
    • ‘This opened the doors for both further domestic non-bank competition as well as foreign competition.’
    • ‘The central bank's move has prompted both foreign banks and non-bank credit card issuers to move in the same direction with KTC, trying to earn more income from personal loan provision schemes.’
    • ‘It may actually soon be a competitive requirement, as banks find themselves increasingly under siege from non-bank competitors offering traditional bank products, and cross-institution account aggregation becomes a commodity.’
    • ‘And, importantly, over the past two decades we have seen an unprecedented explosion of non-bank Credit creation.’
    • ‘And, just like the non-bank accounts where approximately half of America puts their savings, our accounts are not FDIC insured, either.’
    • ‘Consumer dissatisfaction grew as banks, whose revenue base was squeezed by non-bank providers of banking services, attempted to charge fees for services once provided free to one set of customers but paid for by higher charges on others.’
    • ‘Importantly, non-bank asset-based lending is today the commanding mechanism, creating the liquidity that drives both financial markets and economies.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the restructuring of non-bank financial intermediaries has lagged behind that of banks.’
    • ‘It stated that the banks must leave help and advice to non-bank sources and concentrate on providing simple transaction and lending facilities.’
    • ‘More often than not, these non-bank liabilities are being created in excess, while playing an instrumental role in both the economy and financial system.’
    • ‘The Bank of Thailand expects to come up with more measures to control the issuance of credit cards by non-bank institutions by the end of March.’
    • ‘Yet today, in what has degenerated into a ‘wildcat’ financial system, brokerages, non-bank lenders and money market fund deposits are at least as powerful as banks in money creation.’
    • ‘Among the cards in use, 3.5 million were issued by Thai commercial banks, over 1 million by foreign banks and some 4.8 million by non-bank institutions.’
    • ‘The course was one of a series of training modules designed to move the organizations toward becoming sustainable non-bank credit, or microfinance, institutions that lend money to small businesses and farmers.’
    • ‘She said it was preferable to have a mix of local and foreign market makers consisting of banks and non-bank entities alike.’
    • ‘Might some non-bank institutions also gain this sort of immortality?’
    • ‘It will also allow non-bank foreign investors to acquire as much as 40 per cent of local banks.’


  • An institution or company that provides some banking services but is not a bank, or does not have the legal status of a bank.

    • ‘Here, Schumpeter provides a brilliant and pertinent explanation of the mechanism whereby non-banks can become creators of ‘circulating medium’ and credit.’
    • ‘We have more activity on our site than Schwab or American Express or other non-banks do, we have 2.5 million customers, we add 100,000 a month - and 90 percent or more of them come through our traditional stores.’
    • ‘Now third parties such as non-banks are putting machines into various locations and just using them to generate a profit.’
    • ‘Conventional thinking still has it that non-banks (including the GSEs and Wall Street firms) are only intermediaries that accept money from a lender and provide it to a borrower.’
    • ‘While the restriction on opening online accounts may affect business plans of a few banks, the barring of non-banks from setting up payment gateways will hit the plans of some IT services companies.’
    • ‘Contrasted to Greenspan, we would say that broad money supply largely reflects the extent of expansion of the financial sector, including both banks and non-banks.’
    • ‘Contemporary money and Credit is created largely through the expansion of myriad financial sector liabilities, something that many non-banks have been engaged in aggressively and conspicuously.’
    • ‘The inquiry conceded that with a high value payment system the credit and liquidity risks meant that there was little scope for non-banks to join.’
    • ‘Claims on offshore centers rose by an adjusted $30 billion - mostly on private non-banks and amounting to almost 50% of the total increase in 2000.’
    • ‘This support stemmed from their desire to have more equal opportunities to compete with non-banks and banks both domestically and abroad and to adjust to the dynamic changes within the financial services sector.’
    • ‘I witnessed how these institutions, Wall Street securities firms, and other non-banks took up the slack from an impaired banking system.’
    • ‘Today, clearing takes place with payments netted between the myriad of financial institutions, in a process that assimilates the relative financial positions of participating banks and non-banks.’
    • ‘For non-banks, however, the challenge is greater.’
    • ‘He is poised to call for the payment clearing system to be opened up to non-banks.’
    • ‘And others see the non-banks as champions of free markets, effectively allocating savings and in no way being factors in inflationary credit.’