Definition of nonavailability in US English:



  • The state of not being available, free, or able to be used.

    ‘the nonavailability of spare parts’
    • ‘The director of the Nilgiri Dairy Farm feels the product is popular owing to non-availability of tender coconuts.’
    • ‘He said that action against many of the travel agents could not be taken due to non-availability of proper evidence against them.’
    • ‘Their servers are still being tediously slow and subject to long intervals of non-availability.’
    • ‘According to the social jurist, about 6,000 disabled children were studying in various schools in the Capital but most of them dropped out due to non-availability of any incentives from the government.’
    • ‘The non-availability of basic drying and storage facilities at the village level continues to cause immense hardship to farmers.’
    • ‘Rob Cockerham may substitute another prize of equal value, in the event of non-availability of a prize.’
    • ‘Throughout the entire conflict, the availability or non-availability of merchant shipping determined what the Allies could or could not do militarily.’
    • ‘But, during the past three years due to non-availability of water in the reservoir, no water was released.’
    • ‘Lawyers for the schools had argued that abuse alleged to have happened years ago would make the commission's findings unsafe because of dimming of memory and non-availability of witnesses because of death.’
    • ‘The non-availability of chairs did not discourage them from enjoying the feast all day.’
    • ‘The once popular home remedies have become increasingly uncommon due to non-availability of herbs.’
    • ‘But they are now out of reach to many farmers either because of high prices or their non-availability.’
    • ‘Recently a camp was closed down in Viramgam town due to non-availability of government relief material.’
    • ‘Another serious condition emerging due to the non-availability of life-saving medicines at affordable prices, as foreseen by experts will be the flooding of spurious or substandard drugs in the market.’
    • ‘Just like water automatically rushes to low-lying areas, entrepreneurs automatically rush to the vacuum created by the pressure of demand and non-availability of alternatives.’
    • ‘The non-availability of comprehensive studies on the interaction of nanomaterials with the environment is yet another challenge slowing the development of nanotechnology applications.’
    • ‘Mr. Santhosh said that few people were able to benefit from a medical achievement as great as transplant of human organs because of non-availability of organs.’
    • ‘The very mention of non-availability of water as a discussion agenda got the women all worked up.’
    • ‘So, the usual hassle of a wrong booking or a last minute non-availability of rooms can be avoided.’
    • ‘Another reason is non-availability or paucity of domestic help.’