Definition of nonaggression in US English:



  • Absence of the desire or intention to be aggressive, especially on the part of nations or governments.

    as modifier ‘a nonaggression pact’
    ‘a treaty of nonaggression and friendship’
    • ‘Until we have a policy of permanent non-aggression, how can I as a citizen of an aggressive country criticize other nations?’
    • ‘After hearing their deposition and the report given by Petronius, he signed a treaty of non-aggression between Rome and Meroway, and the Kandake became a Friend of Rome.’
    • ‘The public face of this treaty was a ten-year period of non-aggression between Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia.’
    • ‘The Norak government has accepted our non-aggression pact.’
    • ‘In August 1939, Hitler and Russia had signed a treaty of non-aggression which was meant to last for 10 years.’
    • ‘He had a non-aggression pact with the Soviets and he could have not fought on that front until England was taken care of either by invasion or treaty.’
    • ‘On 23 August 1939, the German and Soviet governments concluded a non-aggression pact.’
    • ‘A non-aggression pact had been signed, and Flore was happy with it.’
    • ‘In 1940, the two major colonial powers in South-East Asia, France and the UK, signed pacts of non-aggression with Thailand, which declared its neutrality.’
    • ‘An advocate of universal love and non-aggression, Mozi was a trailblazer for pacifism and socialism in China.’
    • ‘They want this non-aggression pact, I think that's a no-brainer.’
    • ‘By the following month Nanjing and the Soviet Union had signed a non-aggression pact.’
    • ‘But why would Nazi Germany attack Russia, considering their non-aggression treaty?’
    • ‘I also contacted Italy and formed a non-aggression pact with him in order to secure my southern flank.’
    • ‘As for Ethiopia, was upholding the principle of non-aggression in Africa worth a war that might drive Italy into the arms of Nazi Germany?’
    • ‘The debates between the fundamentalist and moderate wings of the various religions also revolve around issues of aggression versus non-aggression, and their outcome will have significant impact on world politics.’
    • ‘He concluded non-aggression pacts with the USSR and Germany, rather than allying Poland with one of these powers against the other.’
    • ‘Within a few months, however, Soviet Russia signed a non-aggression pact with Germany.’
    • ‘Its doctrine of preemptive war makes a mockery of the principles of non-aggression and international legality laid down in the charter of the United Nations, whose resolutions Washington claims to be defending.’
    • ‘The non-aggression treaty lasted until Operation Barbarossa of June 22, 1941, when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.’
    law and order, lawfulness, order, peacefulness, peaceableness, harmony, harmoniousness, accord, concord, amity, amicableness, goodwill, friendship, cordiality, non-aggression, non-violence
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