Definition of nonadjustable in US English:



  • Not subject to adjustment or modification.

    ‘nonadjustable legs’
    • ‘Would it be tight because of its nonadjustable design?’
    • ‘The stirrups were also short and nonadjustable, forcing the team members to ride with their knees uncomfortably bent.’
    • ‘My smith had to do some modifications to the trigger because of its nonadjustable design.’
    • ‘With minimal cant and nonadjustable legs, the bipod will be limited to use on flat terrain.’
    • ‘This is a stout, machined-aluminum reel with a simple, nonadjustable drag - fine for eight-inch trout.’
    • ‘Yes, it's lighter than their competitor's amping system, but it doesn't work as well and it's nonadjustable.’
    • ‘It contains a nonadjustable propelling charge and a rocket.’