Definition of non-European in English:



  • Not European.

    ‘a wide range of non-European cultures’
    • ‘The hotly debated questions of what caused ‘new imperialism’ and what effects it had on the various European and non-European actors cannot be discussed here.’
    • ‘In Chapter 2 it was argued that the expansion of European societies led to increasing contacts between European and non-European peoples.’
    • ‘National rivalry was thus stimulated by competition in the wider world both between European powers and between European and non-European powers.’
    • ‘The committee comprised a European official, three non-European officials, two ‘native’ officials and one native non-official.’
    • ‘Europe therefore learnt about non-European societies through other Europeans, predominantly through what they wrote about them, but also through attempts visually to represent them.’


  • A person who is not European.

    ‘the art and music of non-Europeans’
    • ‘Is this another wedge to divide Europeans and non-Europeans?’
    • ‘The Ballon d' Or recognises not only Europeans but non-Europeans who play their club football in Europe.’
    • ‘Many of us non-Europeans go to Europe for the historic effect.’
    • ‘This speaks to a long-standing European anxiety about being swamped by non-Europeans.’
    • ‘Very few non-Europeans were in a position to propagate their values in Europe in return.’