Definition of non-American in US English:



  • Not American.

    ‘a major non-American news source’
    • ‘The lawsuit will be filed under the Alien Tort Claims Act, an act that allows non-American citizens to use the courts to hold Americans responsible for international law violations.’
    • ‘In your plea to get your non-American readers to write to voters in Clark County, Iowa, you are correct that events in the US have had, and will have, effects on world events.’
    • ‘So, both American citizens and non-American citizens are covered by these rulings.’
    • ‘And - as the British solicitors for the two designated Britons recently learned - non-American lawyers need not apply.’
    • ‘What proportion of donors are non-American Arabs?’


  • A person who is not American.

    ‘the first non-American to win the International Blues Challenge’
    • ‘As a non-American who lost a friend and acquaintances on 11 September 2001 I could not use the Stars and Stripes as a focus for my grief.’
    • ‘A U.S. newspaper suggests an internationally recognized civilian administration headed by a non-American.’
    • ‘The Los Angeles Times suggested it was time for the United States to turn over bank leadership to a credible non-American who understands the problems plaguing Third World countries.’
    • ‘It's even your American right as a native non-American.’
    • ‘I think that's why and how blogging is different as a black person, as a woman, as a gay person, and as a non-American.’
    • ‘As Annika became the first non-American to win the NCAA Women's Championship, Charlotta became the second.’
    • ‘It was like I was being told that as a non-American my grief was of lesser importance.’
    • ‘Within a country so ethnically mixed as the United States, one would like to think that such exclusive national categories as American and non-American would lose their meaning.’
    • ‘He was the first non-American to win the event for 32 years.’
    • ‘To a non-American like me, it is rather strange how the rest of the reasoning is treated as understood, because it is not.’
    • ‘Let me start by saying that as a non-American, I have only a very basic understanding of the US Constitution.’
    • ‘After all, where is it written that IT jobs somehow belong to Americans - and that any non-American who does such work is stealing the job from its rightful owner?’
    • ‘It is angry music; music protesting at the loss of Americans in a senseless war which Roger felt deeply about- and to think that he was called a non-American.’
    • ‘Given the strength of the international field, there's a good chance a non-American will win this time, too.’
    • ‘As a non-American, I don't understand the glorification of the veterans.’
    • ‘For a non-American, there is possibly too much American party political propaganda, and being someone without much interest in politics, let alone US politics, the final chapters I found tedious.’
    • ‘I am a non-American without any kind of business interests in the area around Kadena.’
    • ‘It was the first time ever that this award was presented to a non-American.’
    • ‘Nor does he tell us whether there is the same standard for a non-American as for an American citizen.’
    • ‘He was also very popular with the American public who may have been less supportive of yet more foreign military intervention if a non-American had been chosen.’