Definition of nominalize in US English:


(British nominalise)


[with object]Grammar
  • Convert (a word or phrase, as a verb or adjective) into a noun, for example, output from put out; the poor from poor.

    • ‘Perhaps by analogy with the compounds ‘schoolmate,’ ‘messmate,’ ‘playmate’, Edmund is treating the nominalised adjective as a compound noun.’
    • ‘More or less the same can be said of null subjects in controlled complements in Romanian and in embedded nominalized clauses in Imbabura Quechua.’
    • ‘The second construes the process as a thing - the verb has been nominalized by means of the ing suffix - consequently, the temporal aspect of the process has been backgrounded.’
    • ‘Some items in the last set might be plural nominalized obsoletes rather than verbs, but the ones I checked were third-person singular verbs.’
    • ‘This might even be in some sense true, if the difference in noun/verb balance is mainly due to expressing propositions less often in nominalized form.’