Definition of nom de guerre in US English:

nom de guerre


  • An assumed name under which a person engages in combat or some other activity or enterprise.

    ‘some gave themselves fierce noms de guerre like “Rambo”’
    figurative ‘every salesperson has a nom de guerre’
    • ‘One member of our group, an adventurous type who preferred the nom de guerre, Cheeko, injured himself sliding down a wooden bannister.’
    • ‘They introduce themselves to a visitor with noms de guerre.’
    • ‘Those using an Arabic nom de guerre should at least use the name properly rendered in Anglicized form.’
    • ‘Each is given his own nom de guerre and warned not to tell anybody what he has learned.’
    • ‘Like many other aristocrats, he serves the revolutionary cause, using the nom de guerre of Louis Sade.’
    • ‘Harald the Fairhair - a nom de guerre I bestowed on him in homage to the first king of Norway, a ninth-century Viking longhair - was a friend in publishing, a large, good-humored, deskbound man.’
    • ‘The noms de guerre accorded Mary Seacole during the Crimean war testify to the enormous affection with which she was regarded by officers and men.’
    • ‘Isn't that Feith's nom de guerre when he's in the field?’
    • ‘It is well known that Taylor's nom de guerre is The Power.’
    • ‘For Mike Doolan - who has been asked to lead Team Canada and whose nom de guerre is ‘Cinders’ - there is another side to the story.’
    • ‘She was from San Federal and her nom de guerre was ‘Magdalena.’’
    • ‘I waited for three months and went to Mr. Fowler again, heralding my arrival with a card bearing both my name and my nom de guerre.’
    • ‘Sadly, however, this turned out to be only a nom de guerre for a French agent called Albert Guerisse.’
    • ‘Back then she went by her nom de guerre, Bruna Surfistinha, or Bruna the Surfer Girl.’
    • ‘That career lasted a year, and Hodgson appeared in five public fights under the nom de guerre Mad Dog Madison.’
    • ‘Shamir even used Michael as his nom de guerre, after Michael Collins.’
    • ‘I think the most interesting member of our crew, however, was our gray and grizzled translator, who goes by the nom de guerre of Jdhooshi.’
    • ‘While ‘Gerard’ was one of Semprun's noms de guerre, we cannot assume an absolute correspondence between Semprun and his narrator.’
    • ‘And I always remember that when they were in the Resistance, they had secret code names, a nom de guerre.’
    • ‘His nom de guerre was bestowed because it's said he can dance like Michael Jackson.’
    pen name, assumed name, incognito, alias, false name, professional name, sobriquet, stage name, nickname
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French, literally ‘war name’.


nom de guerre

/ˌnäm də ˈɡer/