Definition of nolle prosequi in US English:

nolle prosequi


  • 1A formal notice of abandonment by a plaintiff or prosecutor of all or part of a suit or action.

    • ‘The prosecutor had sole, unfettered discretion to enter a nolle prosequi in this case.’
    • ‘In considering the court's power to dismiss a case for pretrial delays it is useful to consider the right of the prosecutor to seek a nolle prosequi.’
    1. 1.1 The entry of nolle prosequi in a court record.
      • ‘The Attorney-General may stop any prosecution on indictment by entering a nolle prosequi.’
      • ‘The power of the Attorney to issue a nolle prosequi has no statutory basis.’


Latin, literally ‘refuse to pursue’.


nolle prosequi

/ˌnälē ˈpräsəˌkwē/