Definition of noiseless in US English:



  • 1Silent; quiet.

    ‘the bicycle is a benign form of transportation, being noiseless and nonpolluting’
    • ‘Gaze wary, he folded his tired wings and started down the hillside, footsteps noiseless and ears alert.’
    • ‘For such a large, brawny man, his movements were rather quick and noiseless.’
    • ‘When travelers step beyond the gate of an arriving flight at the Tokyo or Osaka airport, within five seconds a noiseless and speedy shuttle arrives to move them to another terminal for a connecting flight.’
    • ‘He gazed behind him for a second, and everything was noiseless and silent.’
    • ‘She folded her arms and laid her head on top of them, her tears sliding down her cheeks in a noiseless stream as she blew a curl away from her face.’
    • ‘The only emission from these hydrogen-fuelled vehicles is water vapour, giving rise to completely pollution-free motoring, as the electric motors used are noiseless, too.’
    • ‘The ride down was completely noiseless and, seemingly, motionless; the elevator just accelerated and decelerated so slowly it was very hard to feel.’
    • ‘She turned and headed back into the jungle, her feet noiseless on the soft underbrush.’
    • ‘The actual process of writing, though, demands complete, noiseless privacy, without even music; a baby howling two blocks away will drive me nuts.’
    • ‘A cooler like that is absolutely noiseless, since there are no moving parts at all.’
    • ‘Most birds' flight feathers are stiff-edged, but an owl's are soft and fringed, allowing noiseless, deadly flight.’
    • ‘They call it noiseless and despite having a rear exhaust fan it was essentially silent in our testing.’
    • ‘Silence and peace filled the noiseless air of the pre-dawn sky.’
    silent, still, hushed, soundless
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    1. 1.1technical Accompanied by or introducing no random fluctuations that would obscure the real signal or data.
      • ‘The cancellation of vacuum fluctuations leads to the possibility of noiseless signal amplification with the feedforward loop.’
      • ‘We are having bad experiences with mainboard manufacturers when it comes to noiseless power regulation.’
      • ‘Simulation begins by generating noiseless waveforms at the link data input and proceeds through each subsequent component model until the system output is generated.’