Definition of nodical in US English:



  • Relating to a node or the nodes of an orbit.

    • ‘The draconic month, the old and still better name for a nodical month, gets its name from the dragon that eats the sun when there's a eclipse - eclipses can only happen when the moon is at a node.’
    • ‘Because 31 days is longer than the nodical month, there must be at least one solar eclipse of some description in each eclipse season, making two each year.’
    • ‘The ancient Babylonians found that 223 synodic months, 242 nodical months, and 239 anomalistic months all contained about 6,585 1/3 days, which turns out to be just 11 days in excess of 18 years.’
    • ‘The duration of the nodical month is approximately 27.2122 mean solar days.’
    • ‘The nodical period is the period between two crossings of the ecliptic in the same direction.’