Definition of nocturnally in US English:



  • See nocturnal

    • ‘While the light environment of shallow water crustaceans may vary dramatically on a 24 hour cycle, deep-sea species live in a much more constant light environment, similar to that of nocturnally active insects.’
    • ‘Also, some prey species in both freshwater and saltwater environments are more active nocturnally than diurnally, this increasing their likelihood of capture by nocturnal-foraging Wood Storks.’
    • ‘The two gerbil species are similar in their general ecology; they are both solitary burrow dwellers that forage nocturnally for seeds, which constitute large proportions of their diets.’
    • ‘In nocturnally feeding waterfowl, increased feeding rates were found during daytime in seasons when nights were short, indicating that birds were compensating for restricted feeding periods.’
    • ‘Our results show that geomagnetic cues are involved in the early morning orientation of nocturnally migrating birds.’