Definition of noble metal in US English:

noble metal


  • A metal (e.g. gold, silver, or platinum) that resists chemical action, does not corrode, and is not easily attacked by acids.

    • ‘In recent technology, thiols are used to create self-assembled monolayers on gold and other noble metals, which are protected from oxidation and other chemical effects.’
    • ‘On the one hand, this noble metal facilitates the chemical reaction that produces electricity, but on the other hand it is very expensive.’
    • ‘This is done by passing the waste gases through a matrix of platinum and other noble metals.’
    • ‘All are rare, expensive, and classified chemically as noble metals.’
    • ‘Metal compounds have a lower density of free electrons than noble metals, and they exhibit SPE at longer wavelengths.’


noble metal

/ˈnoʊbəl ˈmɛdl/