Definition of nobelium in US English:



  • The chemical element of atomic number 102, a radioactive metal of the actinide series. Nobelium does not occur naturally and was first produced by bombarding curium with carbon nuclei.

    • ‘All known isotopes of nobelium are radioactive.’
    • ‘Due to its extremely short half-life, there's no reason for considering the effects of nobelium in the environment.’
    • ‘A group in Stockholm believed they had made it in 1957, and proposed the patriotic name nobelium, after the Swede Alfred Nobel.’
    • ‘The German proposal of ‘meitnerium ‘for 109 was allowed to stand, as were the names proposed for elements 101, 102, and 103 - ‘mendelevium, ‘‘nobelium, ‘and ‘lawrencium,‘respectively.’


1950s: modern Latin, from the name Nobel, Alfred Bernhard + -ium.