Definition of no sweat in US English:

no sweat


  • Used to convey that one perceives no difficulty or problem with something.

    ‘“We haven't any decaf, I'm afraid.” “No sweat.”’
    • ‘Sounds tough to swing, but it's seriously no sweat.’
    • ‘I was able to cover the three hundred dollar rent and second mouth to feed no sweat, and Jack and I co-existed in clueless dysfunction for about four months.’
    • ‘No matter what challenge he was given, he could solve it within ten minutes, no sweat.’
    • ‘All he had to do was pretend to add himself to the system - no sweat.’
    • ‘When I was given this task, I thought, right - no sweat.’
    • ‘There's no sweat to fixing up a dive in the Sunshine State, says John Liddiard - just pick up a phone and jump in the car.’
    • ‘So, late yesterday, when a client who hired me to edit his company's annual report emailed to say he needed it 12 hours early, I figured no sweat.’
    • ‘This song's performance was evidence that, even though newer Rush material is less reliant on keyboards, Lee can still juggle bass, vocals, pedals and keyboards like it's really no sweat.’
    • ‘I think he is lulled into complacency by the fact that I so far have had a whole lot of baby-wrangling experience, and therefore have everything under control, no sweat.’
    • ‘Take a deep breath, and tell yourself, ‘I'm smart and strong enough to handle this - no sweat!’’