Definition of no problem in US English:

no problem


  • Used to express one's agreement or acquiescence.

    ‘“Can you help?” “No problem.”’
    • ‘If the chairman or the manager want to talk to me about an extension to my contract then no problem.’
    • ‘So last night I got to bed really early and managed to get to sleep no problem.’
    • ‘If it is just a light shower and we can wait it out in the pits, that's no problem.’
    • ‘I can clear them over the weekend, no problem, and start a new week all clean, clear and busting to go.’
    • ‘Well, there is no need for a solution because Downing Street says there is no problem.’
    • ‘You can while away a shining hour or six when you're watching tropical fish, no problem.’
    • ‘I have seen it and studied it, so no problem with that little staircase in my garden, right?’
    • ‘On a sunny February afternoon this was no problem, but come August it will be like an oven.’
    • ‘He stood in this chamber this morning and said he had no problem with what we were proposing.’
    • ‘It did take me a while to get used to a curved screen again, but that's no problem.’