Definition of no picnic in US English:

no picnic


  • Used of something difficult or unpleasant.

    ‘chemotherapy is no picnic’
    • ‘Coordinating everyone's schedules and demands was no picnic.’
    • ‘Waking up with a migraine in full swing is no picnic, I can tell you.’
    • ‘Not being able to work I have to rely on benefits, temporary housing is no picnic for any single mother, it's hard, far from ideal!’
    • ‘Seattle rush hour traffic is no picnic, but the system, implemented in 1981 shortly after I moved there, does work, and only minimally inconveniences motorists queued up for their turn.’
    • ‘Life was no picnic but you learn never to give in.’
    • ‘But life aboard is no picnic: you share a cabin with seven others and are expected to help with menial tasks such as cleaning and keeping watch, as well as learning to handle ropes, take the helm and navigate using charts and compass.’
    • ‘Certainly it seemed the life of a Barrier Reef turtle was no picnic.’
    • ‘He knows the immigrant experience is no picnic.’
    • ‘Bringing up children, particularly teenagers, is no picnic.’
    • ‘At over three hours, the production is no picnic for the 16 actors - most of whom barely leave the stage - yet they rarely lose their focus.’
    easy task, easy job, child's play, five-finger exercise, gift, walkover, nothing, sinecure, gravy train
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