Definition of no matter in US English:

no matter


  • 1with clause Regardless of.

    ‘no matter what the government calls them, they are cuts’
    • ‘Let us all pray that the justice system will pursue the truth no matter where it leads.’
    • ‘She would never turn her back on me, no matter what I did, and it's the same for me.’
    • ‘No matter how bad it gets and no matter how much I pout, you always take my sadness as a real problem.’
    • ‘These are all values and standards of note no matter who you are or what you believe!’
    • ‘It is important for women to be informed, no matter how much stress it may cause them.’
    • ‘You don't have to take every call at any time, no matter how important you may wish to look.’
    • ‘The human spirit is basically the same no matter what area of the world you are in or come from.’
    • ‘Unfortunately it's up to victims to stop them, no matter how long ago it happened.’
    • ‘No matter how many times they were said and no matter who said them, comments like that always stung.’
    • ‘No matter how much she begs, no matter how much she pleads, it's just not going to happen.’
  • 2It is of no importance.

    ‘“No matter, I'll go myself.”’
    • ‘Time will tell if it is more than a piece of military muscle-flexing, but no matter.’
    it doesn't matter, it makes no difference, it makes no odds, it's unimportant, never mind, don't apologize, don't worry about it, don't mention it
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